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Changing Others In Difficult Relationships!!!

This brings us to: What if you think the other person you are interacting with – your spouse, partner, parents, kids, boss or co-worker is the cause of the difficulties or conflict & they don't seem to be willing to see that.

How do you get them to change?

You get them to change because they want to, not because you want them to!!!

Being a good example is the first step. The 4 skills are tools for you to use for your own benefit, to get what you want, to have more satisfying outcomes from your interactions, to improve your relationships. With the skills you will be more able to influence another & may be able to affect change that way. Meanwhile, you will be better able to take care of yourself. If someone is not open & willing they will resist, they will come up with excuses & may even undermine your efforts to change & improve. The skills are not a value set – meaning they are not a set of rules of how you or others “should” be. They are tools. What the options are & how you use them or not, is your choice.

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