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Need For Training In Relationship Skills (Interpersonal Communications Skills) For Successful, Satisfying, Loving Workplace & Personal Relationships!!!

All work gets done through relationships. When relationships suffer, work suffers!!!

Fun happens through relationships. When relationships suffer, fun suffers!!!

In our educational system we learn all kinds of technical knowledge & skills such as Math, History, Shop & even Financial Money Management. We do not learn people skills. We do not learn interpersonal & communications skills focused on how to interact with others, to get along when there are differences & to successfully influence others.

People's productivity is directly related to their ability to do their job from a technical standpoint & from an interpersonal perspective. If a persons' interpersonal ability & satisfaction suffers their job performance will suffer, their attendance & punctuality will suffer. Their willingness & ability to do quality work will be lacking.

Why do relationships suffer? Relationships suffer because one or both participants have wants that are not getting fulfilled & they react with judgments & assumptions resulting in fear, anger, defensiveness, resentment or blame.

Instead of falling into the downward spiraling pit of adverse judgments resulting in dissatisfaction, anger & distance - with the 4 skills you will be able to interact successfully resulting in you & the other getting more of what you want resulting in satisfaction & closeness.

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