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Ready, Willing & Able with Skills for Successful Relationship Outcomes!!!

The 4 skills are very powerful, but their effective use requires a willingness to interact differently, a willingness to contemplate your own & the others actions, responses, emotions & motivations.

The first question is: Are you willing to look at your interactions & consider whether the outcomes could be better. If someone confronts you, do you react - is your reaction judgmental or defensiveness? Do you have the tools to interact in a way that is not judgmental or defensive? When the other reacts with judgment, defensiveness, anger or blame are you willing & able to not react & instead respond using one of the 4 skills in a way that will result in a very different outcome?

In the face of opposition are you able to effectively influence the other? If you don’t have the tools, then you have no choice but to use what tools you have – impatience, defensiveness, anger, distancing. Once you have the tools, then you can choose to interact in a different way – as is always the case with using the skills or not - it is your choice.

Keep in mind if your friends, co-workers or significant other are not open & willing they may resist & sabotage your efforts to change & do things differently!

Ready Willing & Able.

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